Natural Spiritual Healing

When we get out of balance either mentally, physically or spiritually we can lose our natural state of being which is of peace and love and a feeling of oneness with all of life.  In fact we can be so used to being out of balance that we may have forgotten completely that we are of love and peace at all.  Natural Spiritual Healing helps to restore balance within the mind, body and spirit helping us to heal on all of these levels.

How Does Natural Spiritual Healing Work?

Pure love energy is brought through the healer to the patient.  This loving energy is of infinite wisdom and only goes to exactly where it is needed, working on the whole being to restore balance on all levels,
mentally, physically and spiritually.

Natural Spiritual Healing is a powerful and yet gentle and non-intrusive method of healing. The patient simply relaxes, lying down  on a healing table, covered with a blanket. The healer Uses light touch on and off the body.  Each healing is preceded by a consultation.

Jane Urbanik is a fully qualified Progressive Counsellor, Natural Spiritual Healer, Animal Healer and teacher of Meditation Foundation, trained at the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre (UK), and is a member of SRMHC Associates.

Who can benefit from Natural Spiritual Healing?

  • Those dealing with issues such as grief, loss, anxiety and depression.
  • Physical conditions such as eczema, migraines, illness, injury/trauma can be greatly helped by Natural Spiritual Healing.
  • Healing can be very helpful for those wanting to give up addictions.
  • It will enhance healing before and after surgery  and can also enhance treatment with conventional medicine.
  • Anyone who simply wishes to have more peace and harmony in their life.
  • Children respond well to healings and enjoy their appointment.
  • People who are going through any transitional process in their lives such as menopause, adolescence, retirement, etc. Healing can help to make these natural transition periods a joy rather than a burden.
  • Animals, as they live in the moment, can respond quickly to healing.

Because everyone is an individual and many factors are at play, improvement may be gradual or quite dramatic. 

To make an appointment or for more information call Jane on 0411 634260 or email her.  For fees information click here.